1. Canyon of Grief

Mission: Beat off an attack of blood-thirsty Talaar residents.

Condition: 4 Attacks, New Enemies (Talaar Spider, Binder)

Reward: + 1 Magic Rune, 2000 Paragon Points, +10 Experience

Blueprints needed: 20

2. The Cheerful Barrel Tavern

Mission: Don't let spiders break into the tavern!

Conditions: 4 Attacks, New Enemy (Arachnum)

Reward: + 1 Magic Rune, 2300 Paragon Points, +10 Experience

3. The Hermit

Mission: Deflect an attack on the Old Magician's Tower.

Conditions: 4 Attacks, New Enemy (Widow)

Reward: + 1 Magic Rune, 2700 Paragon Points, +10 Experience

4. Grove of Wrath

Mission: Hold off spider attacks until our detachment gathers fruit from the Grove of Wrath.

Conditions: 5 Attacks, New Enemy (Grave Spider)

Reward: + 1 Magic Rune, 3000 Paragon Points, +10 Experience

Repeatable MapsEdit

Talaar Fort

Extra MapsEdit

1. Poisonous Lake

Mission: Defend yourself from the hordes of kahan at any cost!

Conditions: 5 Attacks

Reward: 35 Old Money, 5000 Paragon Points, +20 Experience

Supplies: 300

2. Road to Death

Mission: Hold off spider attacks. There'll be a lot of them ...

Conditions: 5 Attacks

Reward: 40 Old Money, 5500 Paragon Points

Supplies: 300

3. Terror of the Depths

Mission: Don't let the spiders reach the Engineer's Guild and dynamite.

Conditions: 5 Attacks

Reward: 50 Old Money, 6000 Paragon Points

Supplies: 300

4. Blood Line

Mission: Stop the hordes of Princess Naira.

Conditions: 5 Attacks

Reward: 60 Old Money, 6500 Paragon Points

Supplies: 300