• Primitive creatures brought to life by alchemy and able to carry out the simplest orders from their lord. For example, kill somebody


  • Extremely dangerous guys who fire at everything that moves from their canons. And at everything that doesn't move...

Living armour

  • Armour brought to life using alchemy. Because of the loack of brains it does not alway behave decently.
  • Does not receive damage from traps.

Iron Golem

  • A sinister creation of the Black Alchemist, which is only able to do one thing - destroy. But then aigain, it does it with enthusiasm.
  • Shielded from soldier attacks

Ethereal Golem

  • A magic golem capable of incinerating a person on the spot if he so desires. And he always desires.
  • Shielded from sorcery and long-range soldier attacks

Bloody Gugs

  • Another experiment of the alchemist's cruel experiments. It runs on any fuel but prefers fresh blood
  • Heals itself and allies around it.