Talaar Spider

  • Typical Talaar resident. They love to eat insects and people. What disgusting creatures.


  • What happens to spiderwebs when disgusting things fill them up all the way? They start to spit and say disgusting things...


  • Former Guardsmen of the King. Just like before, they love to eat well and take a good nap. Just like before, they smell disgusting.
  • Receive reduced damage from traps.

Grave Spider

  • Top of the Talaar spider structure. With disgusting ease they rip people, elves gnomes and kings into pieces.
  • Good resistance from sorcery and long-range attacks. Every second hit heals allies.


  • They say that Widows put their egss right in freshly caught people! Well, what a disgusting spectacle...
  • Ally damage increases, but their armor is lowering

Spiderweb's Daughter

  • Daughters of the Talaar ruler. Evil and poisonous just like royalty. They are just as ugly too
  • To weaken the enemy's shield, the poison it when attacking.